About Me

I am a native Californian who has a passion for designing systems that make products and businesses run more efficiently. I am a Custom Enterprise Software Developer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, Energy Efficiency Design Engineer and Business Consultant. I enjoy saving my clients millions and helping our environment while doing it.

I am currently involved in the development of space rated electrical systems for life support and HD camera systems onboard a spacecraft for the Red Bull Stratos Project. The capsule will transport skydiver Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space, to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier while in free fall from space.



Engineering / Project Manager:
To secure a position in the development and/or management of projects including electrical, mechanical or software systems. I have a specialized experience in project management and workflow management systems that can be applied to multiple project types. I've led the development of multiple products and systems ranging from custom power, avionic, and camera systems for spacecraft to enterprise software applications for workflow management.

Enterprise Software Developer:
To secure a position in the development of custom enterprise software applications including applications for mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad & Blackberry. I have a specialized experience in project management and workflow management systems designed specifically for the management of energy project and asset maintenance.

Energy Consultant:
To secure a position auditing, engineering & selling energy projects. As an energy consultant, I have developed and managed hundreds of energy projects across the country. All of these objectives have been combined in the past to generate specialized databases for the energy market. > Auditing & Engineering Professional

 Key Account Relationship Management
 Strategic Sales and Market Planning
 Competitive New Product Launch
 Sales Training and Development
 Regional Budgeting and Forecasting

  Experience & Skills

Project Management:
Managed a team of engineers in the development of multiple electrical systems for the Red Bull Stratos Project. Systems included a power distribution array with custom space rated, remote control, solid state circuit interrupters for onboard power systems / life support and payload HD camera systems, custom space rated onboard computer / avionic systems and custom lithium ion battery array control systems.

Mechanical Engineering:
Developed multiple mechanical systems for the Red Bull Stratos Project using Solidworks as a tool.

Electrical Engineering:
Developed multiple electrical systems for the Red Bull Stratos Project using OrCAD as a tool for PCB layout.

Created systems on Quickbase and platforms, developed programs using Xcode for Mac, iPhone & iPad as well as Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows and Blackberry Applications. Other software experience include AGI32, SolidWorks, OrCAD and the full Adobe Suites, etc.

Developed hundreds of energy projects for Fortune 500 companies around the country. Projects include efficiency design in lighting, HVAC/Coolers, solar and co-generation systems. Directed the development of multiple software systems to manage energy projects for big box retailers, warehouses, industrial facilities, etc.




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